Setting Sails to Explore New DeFi Frontiers: BabelFish Balancing Curves Update & Parameters Vote Achieves 100% Support!

Babel Fish
4 min readAug 10, 2023


In the ever-evolving landscape of decentralized finance (DeFi), innovation knows no bounds. At BabelFish, we’re committed to pushing the boundaries and providing innovative solutions for stablecoin swaps and bridging. Imagine setting sail across uncharted waters, guided by the compass of ingenuity. BabelFish Protocol embarked on this very journey, pioneering an entirely unique approach to stablecoin swaps. The Balancing Curves concept seeks to revolutionize the way stablecoins are exchanged. BabelFish’s approach combines ingenuity, technology, and community collaboration.

Today, we’re thrilled to share a major achievement that brings us closer to this goal. The vote on the Balancing Curves Update & Parameters Setup has concluded successfully with a resounding 100% support, marking a significant milestone not only for the BabelFish community, but also for all other communities on Rootstock blockchain. It reflects the collective recognition of a pioneering idea that promises to reshape the DeFi landscape. THANK YOU!

At the heart of BabelFish and the Balancing Curves lies a profound principle: empowerment of the community. This concept places the power squarely in the hands of users, allowing them to actively shape the course of the ecosystem. By incentivizing users to provide stablecoins that are out of targeted balance, the Balancing Curves introduce a mechanism that not only ensures stability but also rewards participants. These rewards, currently set to up to 2.5%, offer a tangible benefit for those who contribute to bringing the aggregator closer to equilibrium. With this ingenious design, BabelFish empowers its community to play an active role in maintaining balanced stablecoin pools while reaping the benefits of their proactive engagement. It’s a symbiotic relationship that aligns the interests of participants with the health and prosperity of the entire ecosystem.

Moreover, the Balancing Curves not only empower users but also open new avenues for revenue generation within the BabelFish ecosystem. As stablecoins flow through the aggregator, the fees collected from imbalance transactions become a sustainable source of income. This revenue, carefully managed, holds the potential to fuel the expansion of the protocol, support ongoing development, and explore innovative initiatives. Importantly, it paves the way for future enhancements such as rewarding FISH token stakers, thereby bolstering the engagement and commitment of the BabelFish community. By embracing the Balancing Curves, BabelFish pioneers a transformative path that harmonizes community benefits with sustainable growth, forging a roadmap for a thriving and resilient DeFi future. We are aiming to enable the Balancing Curves with the newly accepted parameters on Monday, August 14th.

In the early stages of this groundbreaking journey, the initial period holds significant importance. Think of it as the meticulous preparation of a ship before embarking on a grand voyage, meticulously verifying that all aspects are in perfect alignment for a smooth and successful journey ahead. It’s a crucial time for us to closely observe how the Balancing Curves behave and potentially make adjustments to ensure we’re on the right track. This observant approach reflects our dedication to steering the ship in the right direction, ensuring that our ecosystem grows in line with our shared vision. Just as a captain navigates rough waters, we’re navigating the dynamic crypto landscape with vigilance, ready to adapt and optimize as needed. This approach underscores BabelFish’s innovative stance in stablecoin swaps, where progress is marked by thoughtful analysis and purposeful enhancements.

As we set sail on this transformative journey, we are diligently preparing ourselves by ensuring we have all the essential resources at our disposal. To enhance the BabelFish ecosystem, a significant vote is on the horizon — the migration of ZUSD liquidity to DLLR. The BIP-0009 proposal, thoughtfully designed was published for review on our forum and GitHub a while back. It aims to elevate user experiences by a wider array of Sovryn Dollar use cases. This strategic move aligns with our commitment to constant enhancement and innovation, akin to meticulously checking and adjusting every aspect of a ship before embarking on a voyage.

We would like to conduct the BIP-0009: Add DLLR and Migrate ZUSD Liquidity vote on Tuesday August 15th at 2 PM UTC.

Stay tuned for further updates and announcements as we set forth on new horizons, progressively reshaping the future of DeFi. There are many spaces to explore and expand to, many great things to build and achieve. Together, we’re forging a realm where ingenuity and community thrive! Join us as we journey towards a horizon of endless opportunities and transformative evolution.



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