Community Call: March 7th, 2022

Welcome everyone to BabelFish’s 23rd community call. Before we begin with the call agenda for today, we’d like to note that the war in Ukraine has now been raging for 10 days and, unfortunately, shows no signs of easing down. Humanity needs to work together to tackle important challenges, not fight each other over arbitrarily drawn frontiers — this is why our community is global and does not care where you are from. This is why building on Bitcoin today is more important than ever, because if we fix the money we can fix the world. We have the opportunity and the responsibility to participate in creating a decentralised economy for the future we wish to see, and invite you to join and participate in BabelFish to help us tackle problems and deliver solutions that can bring hope to humanity.

DAO Governance

Last week we officially launched our DAO governance with a ceremonial vote in which the community agreed that ‘42’ is the answer to life, the universe, and everything. That’s reassuring — but now we have so many more questions and things to discuss!

The first vote, BIP-1, which will reward current FISH stakers and XUSD users will be submitted Tuesday and voting will last 24 hours. This is a last reminder, if you have not staked some FISH yet, go and do so now so you can participate and be rewarded accordingly.

Following BIP-1, we expect the next votes to be concerning balancing curves, allocating a BTC insurance fund, lending collateral, and increasing the variety of collateral we accept across chains. The frontend of the protocol is being worked on at the moment to enable all these expected upgrade votes, we sincerely hope you will agree, or constructively disagree!

Upcoming Bounties

In this topsy turvy world of web3, finding talent to execute our shared goals is an ongoing game. We will once again commence bounties across marketing and development and share them in our gitbook and social media accounts. Some of these bounties include successful referral bounties for a Backend Developer, Solidity Developer and Product Manager. Additionally, a bounty reward will be allocated for an upcoming quiz that will be all about The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy trilogy, on which this protocol’s whole brand is inspired by.

BabelVerse Update:

On that note, we have a brief update from the babelverse team, which has been occupied researching and developing an NFT-powered game that is also inspired by the Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy, and will seek to bring utility to members of the BabelFish community.

To that end, the babelverse team will be sharing a survey in the coming days for the community to provide feedback on what they’d like to see in the game. A raffle will be made at the end from all respondents to reward constructive participation.

BlindexIO Adds XUSD

Some of you may have heard about the BlindexIO protocol from previous community calls or content elsewhere in RSK, the protocol soft-launched on February and has a beautiful UI/UX to bring multi-currency stablecoins to RSK. A draft proposal to include BDUS into BabelFish’s accepted collateral is now live on the forum. XUSD holders can already provide liquidity to BDUS/XUSD and earn BDX tokens, and they will give us a how-to demo today.

Tropykus Adds XUSD

The team is a very committed team with serious latin-passion to bring DeFi solutions to the hispanic market. Launched in alpha at the end of January, we expect Tropykus to have their branded babelfish bridge to attracts stablecoin liquidity from multiple chains in a single stop. XUSD is already being accepted as deposit on the protocol, and they will demo how lenders can find some of the most attractive yield on RSK while helping provide loans to the global south.

Until the next community call: so long and thanks for all the fish!




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