Community Call: April 11th

Babel Fish
3 min readApr 14, 2022


Welcome everyone to BabelFish’s 24th community call!

Last week some of BabelFish’s community members had the opportunity to attend Bitcoin Miami to represent the protocol and meet other builders from the RSK ecosystem and beyond. It was a great opportunity to spread awareness, strengthen relationships, kindle future partnerships and bring potential new talent into the ecosystem. We left the conference quite optimistic about the current BabelFish solution and very bullish on the products we’ve yet to deliver, namely multi-chain lending and savings powered by smart bitcoin. Slow and steady wins the race, but as the rate of adoption and pace of innovation continues to increase, it is time for BabelFish to slow up too.

To that end, let’s get on with the updates:

BIP-0001: This improvement proposal to reward XUSD users and FISH stakers with the Liquidity Mining rewards for increased voting power ahead of future BIP votes was approved early in March. The execution of this disbursement is expected within four weeks as there is still some work pending on the logic and interface.

BIP-0002: This improvement proposal to add Blindex’s BDUS as collateral for XUSD on RSK was approved early in April. Initially the vote failed to meet quorum, but given the positive sentiment in the voting turnout, it was then resubmitted and successfully approved. We learned some lessons as a DAO in terms of quorum and time to vote on BIPs, which will probably lead to some proposals to upgrade the governance contract.

BIP-0003: What will be submitted for a vote up ahead? Given the slight lag in executing BIP-0001 and BIP-0002, the next proposal should be something that can be implemented in short order. For example, there is a forum post suggesting to jumpstart the protocol’s insurance pool with a percentage of the DAO’s treasury in bitcoin.

Airdrop: Last month’s vesting of the origin airdrop was accidentally delayed from March 11th to March 29th, and this change respectively affected the future airdrop dates. Given that the airdrop’s script requires manual approval every four weeks, the next drop will be April 26th

BabelVerse: The poll conducted by the team is concluding today with over 50 respondents submitting responses and participating in the rafle. The results, which can be found here, show that a majority of babelfish’s community respondents are gamers interested in seeing a DeFi NFT game delivered. The babelverse team believes in the mission of BabelFish and the power of rewarding the community, and will use this data to submit a draft grant request on the forum to gather additional feedback before submitting a final version for a vote.

Until the next community call: so long and thanks for all the fish!




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