Bitcoin Miami 2022

Bitcoin Miami 2022 conference took place April 6–9 and BabelFish’s very own FlameTale was there representing the protocol with other team members and RSK Projects, the following is his summary of the event.

Day 1 was for people with Whale passes or Industry passes. This means that this day was the least visited day by far. I personally was very excited so I decided to went early, which paid off. I saw the mayor of Miami speak very highly of BTC with quotes as “We are looking to bring a pro-BTC candidate forward in 2024” and “BTC to the moon”. This was the start of a very positive week. After that, I sat in on a chat between Mike Novogratz and Anthony Pompliano who talked about the vision of Bitcoin. Interesting to listen. There is also a recording available: Pomp & Mike Novogratz Bitcoin Fireside | Bitcoin 2022 Conference.

During the talks I met with a quantitative researcher from Coinbase, who was also very interested in RSK and Babelfish. I connected with him and might be nice to see where it could lead us in the future. This does not mean that we are working with Coinbase to get listed at the moment. But there is a time and place for everything. After that I went to the RSK booth and met with the team present there. Almost everyone there seems very knowledgable, intelligent and focussed on one goal: Putting RSK on the map.

During the entirety of the first day I talked and met with a lot people. Some people had algorithmic stablecoins, some that were offering marketing services and/or development services. We’ve connected with some of them and followed the leads. Those are in the works.

As day one on the conference passed, we went to a Chainlink network event. We also talked with a lot of amazing people there.

During this event we also did an amazing marketing campaign where we gave people one million bolivar bills. They are limited edition and worth around $0,24c. People had to scan the QR-code and tweet the text they received. The idea here is to spread awareness about Babelfish and how hard inflation can hit.

Day two and three where more of the same where networking and talking stood central and inviting them to the community was very important.

Another interesting talk I went to was a panel about the advantages of sidechains where Diego Gutierrez Zaldivar, Co-founder of RSK, spoke. See it for yourself:

Bitcoin 2022 Conference — SIDECHAINS: Benefits and Tradeoffs — Open Source Stage.

In conclusion, I think the conference was a big success. A lot of people with a positive attitude towards Bitcoin and the ecosystem, gave us more motivation to build. Let’s slow up!



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